Pragati's technical focus lies in providing innovative solutions for analyzing large and complex semi-structured information systems. The power of current computing tools can be enhanced considerably through use of artificial intelligence techniques. However, despite these current advances in information technology, there is a lack of tools to analyze the knowledge contained in these intelligent systems. Efficient and intelligent computer-assisted analysis tools are needed for such systems, as manual analysis does not suffice. Also, reliability concerns for these systems, especially if they are to be deployed autonomously, warrant the need for building analysis tools for such smart systems.

Pragati Inc. has a track record of addressing software engineering concerns for intelligent systems by developing innovative technologies for analyzing them. The following functionalities result from our analysis, as demonstrated in the various projects cited below.

Focus Areas

Potential Mappings Across Information Systems can be exposed through cluster analysis of systems: Top

Extracting Reusable Components from Information Systems by semi-automatically discovering similar patterns in the software that could be componentized and adapted for future reuse. Top

Building Ontologies from Legacy Systems by clustering stylized natural language text and exposing salient concepts. Top

Management of Multiply-Authored Large Knowledge Based Systems by exposing the underlying software architecture and ontological basis of the system, opening up opportunities for doing common factoring analysis and intermediate concept formation for efficient organization of the knowledge Top

Verification, Validation, and Testing of Knowldege Bases by exposing interesting as well as infelicitous usage patterns to detect incorrect, missing and incomplete knowledge in the system Top

Supporting Development of Student-Centered Educational Software by helping with qualitative analysis of execution traces of students who are interacting with educational software systems, so as to adapt the content/style of teaching according to students' aptitudes. Top

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