Radar Signal-Processing Rule base Partitioning
  • Agency: Rome Laboratory.
  • Duration: March 1994 - January 1995.

   Capabilities Being Demonstrated:
  • Extraction of the Software Architecture
  • Exposing Reusable Regions in Software

In 1994 Pragati was awarded a contract from Rome Labs to address issues involved in the integration, enhancement and porting of two large knowledge-based systems - Constant False Alarm Rate Expert System (CFAR-ES) and Integrated Multi-Domain Radar Demonstration Expert System (IMRD-ES) - to more current software/hardware platforms. Pragati's MVP-CA tool was used in this project to structure and analyze the IMRD-ES rule base that was being used for resource allocation in radar signal processing. Based on our analysis of IMRD-ES software we could suggest removal of redundant computations, such as clutter detection, found to be common in both systems. MVP-CA analysis also suggested potential situations where parallelism could be exploited in the systems. Shortcomings of the expert system shells used in the two systems was shown, and desirable characteristics of an expert system shell to meet real time constraints for the new integrated system was identified as well.

  1. M. Mehrotra. Radar Signal-Processing Rule base Partitioning. Technical Report RL-TR-95-50, Rome Laboratory, Griffiss Air Force Base, N.Y., March 1995.

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