Enhancing Comparative Analyisis of Ontologies: Integration with IHMC's Collaborative Ontology Environment (COE)
  • Agency: DOD (subcontracted through Institue for Human-Machine Collaboration (IHMC))
  • Duration: February 2004 - June 2005.

   Capabilities Being Demonstrated:
  • Exposing related concepts across semantic web ontologies
  • Enabling contextual analysis for search terms
  • Integration of Expozť as a plug-in to third-party tools

Under this project Expozť was loosely integrated with COE, Collaborative Ontology Environment from IHMC (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition) for capturing and formally representing expert knowledge for reuse in the Semantic Web. COE exploits the ease of use and rapid knowledge construction capabilities of the CmapTools concept mapping system and extends them to support the import and export of formal, machine-interpretable knowledge representations, such as OWL, across multiple ontologies. Pragatiís Expozť tool suite complements COEís ontology construction, browsing and navigation features by providing cluster-based search capabilities that expose existing reusable concepts relevant to the userís focus of attention.

P. Hayes, T. Eskridge, M. Mehrotra, D. Bobrovnikoff, T. Reichherzer, R. Saavedra. Collaborative Knowledge Capture in Ontologies. K-CAP 2005, The Third International Knowledge Capture Conference Oct 2-6, 2005, Banff, Canada.

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