Exposing Mapping Relationships in SOA Systems
  • Agency: Air Force Research Lab SBIR Phase III.
  • Duration: July 2007 - December 2007.

   Capabilities Being Demonstrated:
  • Discovering relations across SOA components
  • Application of Expoze to databases

AFRL has a large customer base in the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) community which is being targeted for further commercialization of the Expozé technology and a transition path for AFRL/IF information management technology transition. A reference implementation of a publish/subscribe/query infrastructure currently exists within AFRL which is serving as a testbed for the insertion of Expozé capabilities. In addition to publish/subscribe/query services, the Operational Information Management (OIM) reference implementation has been coupled with an information transformation infrastructure that allows the crafting of small programs that are capable of taking information objects of one type, and transforming the metadata and/or the payload into another type. This promotes interoperability through mediation between the information produced and consumed by different client applications. Expozé’s insertion is enabling OIM's ability to expose the relationships between different information object types in its service oriented architecture. Information transformation components of the OIM can thus be made much more generic and reusable for composition into information transformation modules that operate over the relationships.

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